Saturday, January 7, 2017

frida kahlo

After a long absence and an awkward "passing of the baton," the Monday Artday blog has resurfaced like the Phoenix (the mythical bird, not the city in Arizona).  I received an email from the original host and I have accepted the invitation to participate. So, here's the deal: much like the venerable Illustration Friday, Monday Artday will present a topic each Monday and illustrations to fit the theme will be posted throughout the week until the next topic is offered. A weekly winner will be chosen and lavish cash prizes will be awarded. (I may have imagined that last part.)

So, here we go, my first entry for the eagerly anticipated return of Monday Artday...
The first inspirational suggestion is the work of Mexican surrealist Frida Kahlo. Since I haven't picked up a paintbrush in years, I offer a tribute to the late painter in my artistic tool of choice - Photoshop. Hopefully, Monday Artday will continue to grow, thrive and attract a new group of participants, as well as those who previously submitted their fine examples of creativity.


  1. Very nice work, I like the fluidity of the linework.

  2. Good job!!! I like the flowers in the background. I hope Monday Artday will continue to grow too... feel free to invite others!