Monday, January 9, 2017

This Weeks Challenge:


It's January. It's dark, cloudy, dreary and COLD. To me, January is the hardest time of the year. It involves a lot of wood hauling, snow shoveling and staying inside. I find myself missing the blue sky and most of all the warmth from the sun. This week's theme is 'Sun' because we all need a reminder that it will be back! The spin: add what you plan to do this Summer in the sun whether it be gardening, swimming, bicycling or even just laying out enjoying the sun.

Last weeks winner is: Pascal Kirchmair. Congratulations :) Here is your trophy to proudly display:


  1. It would be helpful to publish the due dates--I thought Frida was due TODAY! And I did earlier the week, but was confused as to when to post it.

    1. You can still post it! I will wait for you. Every Monday a new theme will be posted so try to get yours in before the next Monday.

  2. (Or, maybe you did, and I missed it, and if so, I apologize!)